Comfortable and Cozy as Your Home

The bedrooms are furnished with double beds, with extra bed or twin beds, all of them have private bathroom and television. The details are what make Nonno Tobia special.

The names of the rooms are not random, they have the names of flowers cultivated in our land.

Elegant bathrooms are full equipped. All rooms have access to the reading room with the ancient fireplace, equipped with tourist information, magazines, books, board games. The great room is ready to welcome anyone who desires to taste the farm products.


Double comfortable fresh and delicious in its simplicity, with a terrace that faces north. The landscape is dominated by the peak of Trepizzi as a gentle giant that dominates the city of Agerola, nestled in the hills of the Amalfi Coast.


Double large room with a long corner balcony, with a breathtaking view from which you can admire the view of Agerola, from Trepizzi to the emerald sea of Amalfi Coast in the south.


Double room or separate beds if necessary with soft, soothing colors. The balcony overlooks the cultivation of lilies, where you can fully breathe the scent of flowers.
The room allows you to fully experience the true spirit of Agerola.


Triple room with warm colors. The room has a balcony where you can enjoy the spectacle of nature. Agerola is definely the best place for the fulfillment of the body and spirit.


Sunny double room, with panoramic balcony that allows you to enjoy the relaxing and invigorating nature of Agerola. Every hour of the day, let yourself be surprised by a spectacular panorama.


Double room with a large window that overlooks the gardens. Unique features of this room are confidentiality and intimacy, where you live the true spirit of Agerola.

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