The Lattari Mountains are an extraordinary natural park suspended on the Amalfi Coast. In the evening, the silence of the mountain night is touched by the echo of the waves crashing on the cliffs of the coast.

Agerola is the fulcrum of the whole area and the starting point of many hiking trails. This is the ideal place to spend a holiday in nature. Situated at about 600 m. altitude, Agerola town is settled in a valley enclosed on three sides by mountains that reach 1400 m., overlooking the Amalfi Coast and entire Gulf of Salerno.

Ideal for a healthy and relaxing holiday, Agerola enjoys a strategic position as a starting point for interesting excursions in the surrounding area: Naples, Salerno, Pompeii, Vesuvius, Castellammare di Stabia, Sorrento, Vico Equense, Capri, Positano, Amalfi, Ravello .

Here some of the best trekking paths to discover in Agerola, starting from Nonno Tobia Agritourism.


27-31 CAI Path
Lenght 9 Km circa
Duration 5 h 
Difference of Altitude 650 mt.
Start: Agerola – Piazza Paolo Capasso (Bomerano)
Arrival: Positano


01 CAI Path
Lenght 10 Km circa
Duration 4 h 
Difference of Altitude 870 mt.
Start: Agerola – Piazza Generale Avitabile (San Lazzaro)
Arrival: Amalfi


Path 41/86
Lenght 6 km circa
Duration: 4 h circa
Difference of Altitude: 500 m circa
Start: Agerola, Bomerano
Arrival: Monte Tre Calli.


Path 85/00/50
Lenght 7 Km
Duration: 5 h
Difference of Altitude: 600 m circa
Start: Agerola, Pianillo
Arrival: Monte Sant’Angelo a Tre Pizzi

From the Piazza Paolo Capasso Agerola (altitude 638 m), Gods’ Path starts in a picturesque scenario, leading to Positano and you can admire one of the most spectacular views in the world, offering a fabulous view over the Gulf of Salerno. The trail is an old connection mostly in excellent condition and of medium difficulty, which allows to reach Positano in 3/5 hours.

The Path of Valle delle Ferriere is an interesting hiking path that leads from Agerola to Amalfi, passing through a valley rich in wildlife diversity and unique flora, such as the famous giant Tertiary Age fern. Crossing the ancient valley of the Amalfi Paper Mills and the spectacular Amalfi lemons plantations, trekkers come up to the Piazza Duomo and the beaches of Amalfi.

From the center of Agerola Bomerano the path leads to Pendola and then Paipo. It passes the Casino Paipo and proceeds up to the Capo Muro saddle. Here we turn to the south along the ridge of Mount Calavrice to reach the Monte Tre Calli. In this charming location, for some years it held a spectacular concert called Alba Magica, each August at sunrise.


Behind the church of San Pietro (Pianillo Agerola) it starts the trail that ascends the hill, until to reach the Alta Via Dei Monti Lattari and climbs finally the highest of the three peaks.


61/89 CAI Path
Lenght 2 km
Start: Agerola, Punta San Lazzaro
Arrival: Vettica di Amalfi


91 CAI Path
Lenght 5 km circa
Start: Agerola, Campora
Arrival: Fonte Acqua Vracciara


83 CAI Path
Lenght 6 km circa
Start: Agerola, Campora
Arrival: Colle delle Vene


88 CAI Path
Lenght 2 Km
Start: San Lazzaro, Punta Tuoro
Arrival: Fiordo di Furore


From San Lazzaro Agerola you take the old stairs that go down to Tovere and then in Vettica Minore. You can end the hike in the beautiful beach of Santa Croce.


Starting from Campora Agerola, near the water source Acqua Leggia, the path runs along the course of Penise River in a green valley between chestnut trees. Along the route there are ancient rock shelters and ruins and a lot of rivers.


From the Piazzetta di San Martino, near Nonno Tobia Agritourism, Campora Agerola, a very old path reachs the Pontechito, with beautiful views across the valley of Agerola. Continuing through the chestnut woods, you can reach the tops of the mountain, from where you have a wonderful view of Amalfi, Ravello and the Gulf of Salerno.


Near Punta Tuoro Agerola starts one of the steps leading down to the coast, untill to the Fiordo di Furore.

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